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There are plenty of talents out there, but very few Elite Talents!

We, at EurekA, know how to find them!

Why EurekA?

Because we are not just another headhunting or HR company! EurekA is a boutique firm specialized in empowering businesses, technology firms and startups by locating and recruiting ELITE TALENTS. We are the only ones whose objective is empowering businesses and assisting them in achieving their business goals simply because good employees push any business forward.


My name is Maya Zalmanson Elle, founder and owner of EurekA, a boutique firm specializing in locating and recruiting ELITE TALENTS for a broad spectrum of key positions, including engineers, developers, administrative, and senior positions.

I have over 20 years exeperience in various management roles in startups and global organizations. My experience includes leading global R&D Talent Acquisition teams, working in different management structures, managing projects of different complexities, developing managers, personal consulting for CEOs and C-level managers. I also have experience planning, developing, and implementing strategies for HR and recruitment practices, in alignment with the company's business goals and strategies.

I hold a bachelor's degree (BA) in business administration with honors from Tel Aviv University and a master's degree (MBA) in business administration and organizational consulting from Tel Aviv University.

Maya Zalmanson Elle, Founder & Owner

EurekA employs five senior portfolio managers and over ten sourcers with extensive experience recruiting and locating ELITE technological TALENTS and administrative workers through social networks, an extensive network of contacts and collaborations with prominent headhunters.

Our client portfolio comprises some of the largest organizations and companies in the market: international firms, Hi-Tech companies, security companies and startups at the beginning of their journey.

EurekA was founded with a vision to empower businesses by recruiting ELITE TALENTS, based on my extensive experience and knowledge gained over two decades in this field.

After many years of candidate recruitment, I realized that tracing candidates with exceptional professional skills, excellent soft skills and personalities to match corporate DNAs is the only thing that genuinely empowers and boosts companies' abilities to meet their business goals.

What is an ELITE TALENT?

An employee who is the perfect combination of outstanding professionalism and soft skills, enabling a harmonious match with the company’s DNA and vision and contributing to empowerment and business growth in the long run.

How does the significant contribution of an ELITE TALENT to business empowerment and growth manifest?

From my vast experience, the life cycle of an ELITE TALENT is much longer.

ELITE TALENTS stay longer in companies, and their dropout rate is low.

ELITE TALENTS can easily relate to the company’s DNA and vision.

ELITE TALENTS foster engagement by constantly increasing the good vibes, energy and morale of other employees.

ELITE TALENTS are uber-professionals and, even at the beginning of their career, can easily tap into their roles without the need for extensive and costly resources invested in their onboarding.

ELITE TALENTS are agile, innovative thinkers.

ELITE TALENTS spread the best PR and operate as a firm’s best ambassadors. They naturally convey positive messages about the company and its virtues, thus raising a company's reputation and image more than ever.

Our Clients


I want to take the opportunity to pass on my thanks to EurekA and Maya in particular, both Alex and Tom have very quickly integrated into our engineering team and doing very well. Maya was extremely thorough in her pre-vetting and only promoting candidates that truly met the job requirements. Takes a lot of stress out our recruitment allowing us to focus attention on other pressing business areas. For me, the key aspect is having the confidence we have someone who understands our needs supporting in the background.

Michael Levy – Maintenance Manager – Cymotive

"Maya from Eureka has been super professional from the day we had our initial intro call up until the day I was hired by my new employer. She took the time to understand in details what my background is and what exactly I am looking/ not looking for in my next role. Maya and I were in constant touch throughout the process and she was always willing to assist where needed."

Michael Ash, Director of Product

"We’ve Started Working With EurekA HR Services In 2018 When We Were A Small Startup Dealing With A Lot Of Issues, And I Had To Take Care Of All The Recruiting Tasks With A Tiny Infrastructure Of Hiring. Today, After 4 Years Of Service And Since Eureka Came Into our Life, I Can Say That I Trust Eureka Professional Staff That’s The right And creative Solution to Find the Exact Talented candidates. Working With EurekA HR Allows Me & My Team To Focus On The Business & Product. I Highly Recommend EurekA HR."

Amit Ogiren, FOUNDER & CEO





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